Elise Buie (aka Buie-Russell)

I strive to preserve civility and respect during the divorce process. I educate my clients on the impact of conflict on children so they can make the best decisions for the future health of their family. I work closely with my clients to ensure they understand their options and rights so that they can make informed decisions about their future. I bring a breadth of experience with high-conflict families to every family law case I handle. My goal is to serve each client on an individual basis. I strive to find real-life workable solutions for the families I serve, realizing that a marriage might be over but a family still stands.

My practice involves all aspects of family law: preparation of postnuptial and separation agreements, parenting plans, child support, simple and complex financial cases, relocation, and blended families. I am collaboratively trained and have had 40 hours of mediation training. I have a deep understanding of complex parenting issues which clients may face when divorcing. I bring the attention to detail and experience required to capably handle complex financial cases.

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